Ready to present network+ test!!

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Hi there. Thanks to everyone who contributed with something to my preparation. Im scheduled my test next tuesday. I hope i can pass. Today im reviewing everything directly from the book and notes, tomorrow ill start again with all my war tools ( preparation exams ) in order to be sharp! for tuesday test.


My war tools are:
1.- Elementk books
2.- Techexams.net notes
3.- Objectives from comptias webpage
4.- Boson,exam essentials, ucertify (demo),techexamns, practice test

I think i have it all, but ill keep studying this night, in fact im studying right now, i just took some minutes to post this messages jeje sorry and thanks, im nervous!!

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    porengoporengo Member Posts: 343
    In my experience, the key to passing any certification exam is to relax. When I'm nervous I tend to misread and misunderstand the questions. Fortunately, CompTIA exams allow you to mark questions you're unsure of, and review them again before you end the exam.

    Also, ask the exam proctor if you can take a white board in with you. Then prior to starting your exam, data **** information you have a hard time remembering onto the white board. This way you can refer back to the information when it's needed.

    Get a good night's sleep the night before. Don't test on an empty stomach. And most importantly, go to the bathroom before entering the exam room. There's nothing worse than having the urge to take care of nature while taking an exam.

    Good luck!
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