Stream Ciphers vs. One-Time Pads

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Stream Ciphers vs. One-Time Pads
Stream ciphers were developed to provide the same type of protection one-time pads do, which is why they work in such a similar manner. In reality, stream ciphers cannot provide the level of protection one-time pads do, but because
stream ciphers are implemented through software and automated means, they are much more practical.

Does Stream Cipher use software as indicated in Shon harris book?


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    A one-time pad is a stream cipher. The integrity of the ciphertext is provided by the randomness of the keystream used to encode the plaintext. The encoding is same used in the Vernam cipher.

    The major difference is that a one-time pad is used to encrypt small, human-generated messages, such as, "Patton invades Sicily at dawn," while modern stream ciphers are used to encrypt computer-generated data streams that theoretically can be infinite in length, such as the data exchanged between clients and servers across wired and wireless communications networks.
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