Keep current focus or move on?

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Good morning,

I've been studying the CCENT materials off an on for about 2-3 weeks. I'm a few chapters in on Lammle's book and have made it through almost all of the CBT (Jeremy) videos. That being said, my ultimate goal is a job in InfoSec (blue team type work).

Things are deteriorating at my current job and I want to fast track as best I can to my next position. Should I abandon my progress in CCENT for other studies (Sec+ then GSEC?) or carry on as I was with the CCENT?

Also, I realize there are mixed opinions on recruiters here, but at what point should I start talking to one regarding my interest in infosec? Is there a too soon? Or no time like the present? I have zero experience talking to them as all of my past experience (13 years helpdesk, jr sysadmin) has all been local.



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    I would say to finish what you've started. The knowledge gained from the CCENT can only benefit you in the future. Following the CCENT, I'd suggest to begin to look at the Sec+ if this is the direction that you'd like to take. As with any other aspect of IT, there are Jr. positions in Security. Find a company with Jr. position job listings and see if you feel comfortable with the responsibilities listed. I don't think there's any problem with expressing your interest in InfoSec to recruiters. At worst, you may get an interview with a company and find that you aren't qualified to be in the security realm yet. If that does occur, take it as a learning experience and make yourself good enough to be qualified the next time around.
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    Good advice. I need to hurry up with this CCENT exam.
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    You can also go on to get the CCNA Sec cert which will help in your goal as having a career in security
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