Test is Scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!

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Well I got up the nerve to go ahead and schedule my test for tomorrow afternoon. I have been pounding away at this now for over 4 months and feel I am ready! Thanks in advance for the support on here.
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    Good luck with the exam!
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    Good Luck! how long does it take them to post results ?
  • JameswebJamesweb Member Posts: 144
    Thanks, you usually will get a print out right after you are done with the test. Been a while since A+ and Microsoft tests for me but always got a print out with the score and status on it.
    Currently working on CCENT/CCNA and CAPM
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  • JameswebJamesweb Member Posts: 144
    Well great news all!! I just got back from the test center and I PASSED!!! not a fabulous score by no means of 777 but a pass is a pass after over 4 months of daily and weekend studying for this. The questions were much much harder than expected and maybe half was even what I had studied but was able to make it through. Now on to Security+. Thanks for the support!!
    Currently working on CCENT/CCNA and CAPM
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    congrats on passing, best of luck on your security+ studies :D
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