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Hi all,

Was wondering if any of you had come accross "golden areas" within the doc cd that provide alot of information instantly for things that you may simply overlook.

E.G - A full list of all port numbers and the protocol's they use (This is an example as what i would class as a golden area)


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    Not sure I've found any golden areas, but what I will say is that it's important you go looking for everything, because some things are in what appear to be random places, but they really aren't.

    Finding PPP is an interesting one because I don't recall finding it within the 15.3T documentation for example ;) (Isn't it under Dial-ISP...? I know it's in 12.4)
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    Interesting example question. I suppose it would be golden if you could just use the DOCCD to find out how you would get a list of ports & protocols by typing a command into a router :) You could then use that trick from that point on.

    As always, understanding how to get the information is better than remembering how or where it is... poke around a bit... familiarization with the DOCCD as a whole is better than remembering which pages stood out to you.
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    Yep, I'm still trolling ;)
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    Nope, show ip ports - v useful command

    How's life after DE going for you any ways?
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    busy :) New job, new challenge. Spent a lot of my career trying to learn all of that Cisco stuff.. finally got to where I want to be and may never design another Cisco solution again..... oh, the irony.
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    I just found there's a VERY nice ipv6 implementation section under the 15.2 configuration section that's not under the 15.3 one.

    The link takes you -- HERE --
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    Nice find - there are some things in some versions that are not in others....
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    Ah that is sexy!
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