GCIH Certification Dilemma

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Normally I don't complain about receiving free/paid for certifications, but my organization has put me in a dilemma... I had received a paid voucher for the CISM which I took yesterday (fingers crossed)... and back in October I received access to the SANS OnDemand GCIH and a certification voucher for the exam... but... I had to prepare for the CISM. I have had very little time and now, the expiration date for the exam is the third week of January... I have had two previous courses in Incident Handling (DOD) and the CEH bootcamp and I have passed the CEH... my question is how much additional studying do you think it will take to prepare for the GCIH or should I try to delay it (at a cost)? I just started reading the books and watching the videos today and think I will be good but don't want to blow it...

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    Depends on how much effort you put into it and how well you retain information. You need at least a week and a half to pass, i'd say 2 weeks to be good, make sure you make a good index and get some practice in after you complete the exam.

    It looks like I can't PM you yet, I'm interested in security positions in SK, are there any companies hiring contractors for those positions?
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    Thanks for the reply, think I should be good then... I have about a month, just started my index and already alot is clicking in my mind from previous training... For SK, are you looking at DOD or SK civilian companies? There are some spots in Daegu and Humphreys and a few up in Yongsan contractor wise, BAH just picked up some contracts along with the usual mil contractors...
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    Northrop Grumman Position Requisition ID: 14023219 in Daegu... there may be more, this is the one I'm aware of now... does require redhat/linux experience...
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    Yeah not a linux admin, but I was able to find another Korea position on the site... It is interesting I may apply though i'm trying not to leave my company right now.
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    GCIH is good for incident handling, actually i will take the GSEC first before GCIH
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    Take the GSEC first? It says on the left that you already have GSEC. Which one is it?
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