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Is there a recommended path or order for taking the MCSE exams? Granted that the cert is comprised of core exams plus several electives (I'm including the Client and Design exams in that grouping, as one can choose between two exams...), is there a certain logical path through the tests? I'm asking because I am getting some pressure to get to the Active Directory stuff, but getting there before getting the Infrastructure seems premature. Anyone? Thanks.


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    is there a certain logical path through the tests?
    Yes, following the exam numbers. 270->290->291->293->294->electives. There's not a fixed chronological order for learning the exam topics as most of them depend on eachother, but if you are using the proper study material (i.e. the official MS training kits) you shouldn't run into much problems if you just follow the order of the books.
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    I am planning to take the hard one first (294), is it a good idea to finish the hard one first?
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