Quckie question ?

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Is the below book good enough to prepare for A+ certification ?

Mike Meyers All in One text?


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    Meyers' text is a fantastic book.

    You'll want some experience as well and possibly another source, but Meyers' is terrific. Is it the 'only' thing you'll need...I doubt you will find anyone to ever say only 'one' source is all a person needs...remember, you are investing in yourself...how much are YOU worth?

    (buy used, use a library, etc...)
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  • windywalkswindywalks Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    What is the difference between Mike Meyers and Jean Andews A + books other than price ? Which one is recommended for A+ preparation ?

    Here is the link for both on Amazon


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    I have both. They both present similar information in different ways. For example, in the Jean Andrews book, near the beginning you will encounter a figure that lists a lot of common ports and gives a basic description of their function. A few pages later you will be shown a similar figure, this time showing pictures of power connectors along with a basic description.

    In the Mike Meyers book, this information is spread about through multiple chapters. There are also differences in what each author calls certain things, but you get the same overall idea.

    I like the Mike Meyers book. The Jean Andrews text has more graphics and seems to consolidate related ideas, but it has a lot of "hands on projects" and things like that. It seems like the book assumes you will be using it for a class, while the Mike Meyers book does not.

    Both are good, but right now I am reading the Mike Meyers book cover to cover, and then I might read the Andrews book
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    The Meyers book is great, though I would recommend watching the Professor Messer or CBTNuggets videos along with it as well for some visual representation and just another take on the same material.
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    Mike Meyers book is great but because its free i tell everyone to do proffessor messers videos too because they are awesome.
  • f16jetmanf16jetman Member Posts: 108
    I read the Mike Meyers book cover-to-cover and watched Professor Messer like crazy. Be sure, like others said, to get multiple sources of information. Also, be sure to start taking practice test as soon as possible as the will expose your week areas.
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    I used Exam Cram and the Professor Messer videos for my A+ studies, and that worked for me. I did however use the CISSP All in one for my CISSP studies as a reference material to expand on some things I didn't quite get in my CISSP Exam Cram book, and that worked well for me.
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