CISM work experience requirement for a System Auditor

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Hello to everyone!!!

Recently passed the CISSP exam (the hardest exam of my life) and I 'm doing the certifying processed .

Now I 'm looking at the CISM certification to complement the part of management of the CISSP.

Since 2012 I'am CISA and I actually work on systems audit on a Bank since 7 and half years ago.

In the request for CISM , indicates that you have at least 5 years experience of information security management. Two years of experience can be replaced with other certifications , but the experience substitutions "will not Satisfy Any portion of the 3 -year information security management work experience requirement".

I would really like to know , if I apply to make this certification . While I do not work in Information security management , I make periodic revisions to the area of Information Security of the bank and verify and control much of the topics covered in the units of CISM .

Greetings and hope I can guide you to know if applied to CISM or not.

Thank you very much
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