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Has anyone here heard of or used Certification Partners? They provide certification for a number of different IT platforms, including security. I am just now hearing of it after months of research to figure out my next steps in certification. My main question is, is it worth getting certified by lesser-known certification vendors? While the knowledge obtained is of most importance, I also would think it would be best to get the most recognized certs. Any thoughts?


Certification Partners | Vendor-neutral Web education, certification and courseware
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    The name sounds vaguely familiar, i'm guessing I know of them through CIW. I didn't see any security programs on their site. Maybe I missed it.

    Honestly if you have the capability you could go through WGU and get the CIW certs. But realistically rather than getting a no name cert, it would be better to self study and challenge the well known certifications. The exception is if the name of the cert (and preferably its content) showcase your skills/knowledge in an area you intend to work.For instance if you are applying for a network defense position and everyone has sec+ and CEH, but you have the "Qualified Network Defender" (in addition to those). Its not well known but it stands out. Having a cert from them i the same category as a mainline cert will not generally benefit you.
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    I think WGU requires some variant of the CIW series cert for their undergrad program. I am going out on a limb here but I really doubt you'll find many people who will say that a CIW or similar cert brought any ROI. It's just not something that employers ask for. My non-scientific test is to run the cert as a search term in a job aggregator site. I just ran CIW for a nationwide search and got less than 80 hits. That tells me all I need to know.

    Unless you are targeting a very specific position that requires one of those certs, I just don't see the value. I rather see you spend your cert dollars in something that will make you get closer to your goals and will bring some value to the table.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was thinking along the same lines as ya'll but was curious to hear the input of the veterans around here. Thanks.
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