Want to take CEH but don't qualify?

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I don't have the qualifications to take the exam, and am about to begin self-study prep with the Matt Walker book. What's the cheapest course that would help me qualify? What's the best?



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    If you don't have the qualifications and do not go through the official training you may not be able to take the exam. You may want to call EC COuncil and verify your options.
    Provided EC Council gives you the green light...
    Cheapest and best sometimes don't mesh. In short YMMV. This depends on how you pick up the material.
    This is like VMware lite certification process in the fact that you do not have to go through the Official training but you have to send the form, your resume, and donate $100.00 USD to the cause.

    These are the options I know:

    Option #1
    You can go through the official training. The in person, online or on demand class may help you learn the tools.

    Option #2
    Another option is to use the book and lab. Most have taken this avenue for various reasons (mainly it is the experience the candidate possesses). You should be able to know the tools and go through the labs in the book with success.

    Good Luck !!!
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