So relieved! I passed 801 today

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Scored an 854. Part of me is really happy to have passed but I feel that I could have aced it
if I had just spent a little more time{***********. Do not discuss details from your specific exam.} I used four different
sources. Storm Wind Instructor led videos, Boson Exam simulator, Exam Cram 6th addition,
and Professor Messers videos here.I made the mistake and buying a years worth of training
from StormWind instructor led web class. You can easily pass this test with the video's here while supplementing with Exam Cram and doing your own research.

But dont think this means you can shortcut your way through. You need to go the extra mile
and research topics on your own. (removed content that may violate NDA) I studied pretty hard for about 2 months. The test dosnt cover everything but you better be prepared to answer questions that you have not seen in videos or books. That is why
i recommend using three sources for this test. Two sources might be ok but with three your chances of passing increase quite a bit. I want to personally thank Professor Messer. The video's he created really helped to connect the dots so to speak while doing it in a fashion that was so easy to follow. Thank you.

Next up 802 in a week.



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    Congrats and good luck on the 802. Make sure you know your (what appears on the objectives)
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    congratulations on passing, and best of luck on the 802 next week :D let us know if you're certified next week :D
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    Congrats, good luck on the 802.
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    Thanks.. Without going into specifics, is the 802 test similar to the 801 in the questioning?
    Mostly multiple choice with a few simulations? Or is the 802 lean heavier on the simulations?

    One more question, I wish there was a way to find out what questions I missed on the 801.
    Is there a way I can request that from Comptia?
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    The 802 is very similar to the 801 in terms of sims and multiple choice questions.

    Your results package you recieved from the testing center on the first page should list the sections where you missed a question or more.
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    Congrats!!!! I also just passed my 801 I took the 802 and missed by 52 points
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