Kickstart part of RHCSA/RHCE

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Hi Guys,

Regarding the OS installation using Kickstart in RHCSA/RHCE, did you guys write it from scratch during the exam?
Or you've installed an OS already prior to Kickstart part of the exam and you copied the Kickstart file that was generated?



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    asummersasummers Member Posts: 157
    No one will be able to give you details on the exam due to the non-disclosure agreement.

    However, as you can see from the official redhat pages "Documentation that ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available during the exam."

    So two approaches ...

    1. Worse case scenario learn how to create a kickstart by hand

    2. anaconda.ks is created automatically during installation and is reasonable to assume is present on all systems in which case you could look at the changes required to get anaconda.ks into a working kickstart file

    Obviously, set up a lab at home/work/bathroom(!) and test this out.
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