What are my skills worth?

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I have a feeling my current IT internship @ a CT MSP which ends this month is going to be converted to a contracted full time position. I say this assuming that I will be offered a job because I was recently bought buisness cards and a new work desktop with input from me being put into what they bought. ( mainly just said it had to have a ssd.)

I currently have
-MTA Desktop Administration
-MTA Server Administration

My current job role at the company ranges from a lot of things. From setting up new users, managing active directory users, repairing and troubleshooting desktop problems, fresh installs of server and desktop operating systems to managing our clients who utilize our RMM agent which means ensuring desktops are patched, up to date antivirus and servers + offsite disaster recovery backup devices are working in order. Most of the server stuff is done by liaising with our outsourced NOC team.

A typical day for me is typically
- Checking, closing and assigning all tickets within two ticketing systems.
- Checking any issues with backup devices (we use a white labeled datto.com provider)
- Taking mostly all calls as a first point of contact. If its a desktop or server related issue I can handle I do it. Most of the time this is printer problems, password resets or office suite troubleshooting.
- Occasionally onsite visits for various things, last week I went to a client to help configure a tablet with their new imapp email system and picked up a laptop that needed a new drive.
- Assisting senior techs on larger problems, for instance last week we had a network loop in a large factory that was taking the entire network down or configuring new servers with vmware.

I live in Connecticut.. just curious what you guys think. I am somewhat worried I am going to be lowballed due to experience and then expected to be on standby every night for various stuff that goes on that I currently don't deal with it. (for example we have a new client that has remote users in China, Hong Kong and Japan.. it has been a real hastle to get there RMM agents installed as well as sharesync/new exchange accounts so our guys have been helping users at random times during normal off times.)


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    I highly recommend Salary.com, Payscale.com, and Glassdoor.com for researching salary estimates and average market value in any given area.

    I read recently on the forums that the salary info on Salary.com is a bit inflated, so take that into consideration. Glassdoor.com seems to be the most accurate, but it's good to research more than one source and compare the results.
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    Do you have a degree, and how long was the internship?

    If it's just a 9-5 desktop support, then it should be close to the average entry level helpdesk job at around 14 hourly.

    I put some generic information into payscale.com for someone with 1 year of experience and no degree in Groton, CT. The low end was 31k and the median salary was 39K.

    If you were on call, then you should negotiate for on-call pay and compensation such as overtime. If you can work with the VMware more and get some certifications toward that your salary should jump quickly.
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    It's not what your skills are worth, it's what someone will pay you (this is something I just realized this week).

    I've interviewed (and not gotten) jobs that are extremely similar to my current job (if not slightly less lower level) that paid $40k+

    Yet, I get 25% less. So it just depends where you go. Do I feel underpaid? Sure do. Am on an internship though but was offered a full time position (still have half the internship to go) so I could get paid more but I have no idea how much. Obviously I feel more qualified than any one else they could hire for this pay rate and with 2015 goals being MCSA and VCP5:DC I feel like I should get a decent amount more but probably won't.

    TL;DR - You range anywhere from $12-$20 an hour. You'll probably make $0-$5 more an hour than you do now (unless it is unpaid) when you go full time. If your company outsources work like that I would guess they won't pay you as much as you are hoping.
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