Aced the Security+ 301 exam yesterday!

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I used Darril Gibson's Security+ book to study. I read it front to back (skipped over parts I knew already). That was an awesome book to have for the exam. That was about the only training material I bought to study. The rest of my study material was a **** sheet I found on here that someone was kind enough to post and google-ing practice tests. I thought it was a lot easier than the Network+ exam. Glad I got it squeezed in before they retired it!

I'm not sure where to go from here. I have thought about going the Cisco route and getting my CCNA next or possibly getting the Linux+. I think the Linux+ will be easier because I can play around with Linux on my computer. The CCNA seems a bit more labor intensive to study for at the moment.

Anyways, thanks TechExams for all the advice for the Security+ exam!


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