Passed SYO-301 TODAY!!

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After much procrastination, worry, hand-wringing and lurking these forum posts, I took and passed the Security+ SYO-301 with an 852!! HUZZAH!! icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif

I used TestOut and Darril Gibson's book (Kindle version) as well as his premium content and blogs. I also took several online mock exams. I also used Quizlet to drill down on ports. The Quizlet online flash cards and games had me reciting the ports in my sleep.
For anyone sitting on the fence or wondering what to study I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gibson's text, website and premium content!icon_thumright.gif For me, TestOut was the foundation and Gibson's content filled in all the gaps.
Then read, read, read... study, study, study.icon_study.gif IMHO, the key to this exam, whether 301 or 401, is having your ports down pat, having a good grasp of the concepts and reading the questions VERY CAREFULLY with emphasis on key phrases and words.

DO NOT follow my example and worry too much. Just stay focused and above all... believe in yourself.


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