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I'm about to take the A+ core, and I was curious as to how many of the questions are the "select all that apply" variety? For the most part on the practice exam that I own (computerprep a+) I'm scoring 85%-90% on the conventional mode (70 question) but it's these types of questions that seem to give me the most problems. Typically on the standard A,B,C or D I can narrow down a correct answer fairly easily. But on these I get 2 out of 3 marked correctly. Does the exam give you partial credit for correct marks or is the question totally wrong? thanks in advance for your help.
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    There is no "partial credit" for choosing say 1 out of 2 correct answers. I wrote my exam on Monday and out of the 80 questions I would have to say that approximately 15 or so were of the type where you choose multiple answers.

    I found that the best course of action to take if you don't know the answer was to eliminate as many of the options as possible as "absolutely incorrect." Once you sift through the bullsh!t what you're left with must be golden.

    Good luck.
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    I don't remember how many multiple answer questions I had, but I don't think I got that many. I was also told to pick the correct (2) or (3) and not the check all that apply questions. I'm not saying you won't get the check all that apply questions, but I think it makes it a lot easier if you know exactly how many you have to select.

    Keep taking all the practice questions you can find. and have a lot of additional questions. Make sure to take all the questions here and review the technotes before you leave for your test. The technotes are a great summarization of what you should already know. I found the actual test a lot easier than some of the practice tests I took. Good luck.
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    I took my test today and found that a good 25-30 questions were of the "select all that apply" variety
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    jimx wrote:
    I took my test today and found that a good 25-30 questions were of the "select all that apply" variety
    the paper consists of how many questions in total?
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    Well, I took my hardware exam this morning and passed! I didn't get a whole lot of those type questions but there were a few that I haven't had on any prectice exams. I wish I would have scored higher , I got a 671 but a pass is a pass! Thank you guy's for this site it definitely helped and like so many others have already said "off to the OS" icon_cool.gif
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