Holiday voicemail message?

This is a first for me... be great to get some advice.

The environment I inherited... no one had set up Holiday messages before. And sure enough, this year I have a few lines that require something outside the usual "Closed" message.

Here's the dilemma:

I went to the Holiday Schedule section under System Settings in Unity. I added an entry to the default list... Christmas Eve Day. Set it for the 24th, from 12pm to "end of day".

Now then, I couldn't find a user in Unity who has more than Standard, Error and Closed selected for greetings. So it was easy to select Holidays for the three lines that require it, and upload their custom .wav Holiday greetings.

Voila, done, right?

Or have I oversimplified a complex process?

I mean, the Holiday Schedule affects everyone, yeah? But since only these three users have the Holiday greeting checked off and configured, it shouldn't matter, right?

And as my normal schedules all say to respect the Holidays, the Holiday Schedule should kick in tomorrow at noon, and take me right through the end of Boxing Day... right?

Have I missed anything obvious, or less so?

Thanks kindly,
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