Is my grade so low in the exam simulator?

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I am in the last few days before the real exam and I've been studying a lot, with the 250 question from Transcender I am getting 72 to 74 ( I do not see the answer to avoid memorizing, yes I saw some of them because I could not find the answer anywhere, very few). I keep drilling my weak areas, amazing physical security is one of those, LOL. and Cryptography too.

When you were studying with Transcender exam simulation and you guys pass you were reaching 80 or 90%? My target is 80% minimum (probably low).

What you guys were getting? Any last suggestion to drill it more?


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    I have not used the transcender practice exams, I used the Total Tester from my Shon Harris AIO, and the Pearson IT Certification suite from my exam Cram book, I never passed any of the practice tests in either program... I think it's due to my mentality of how I approached them though, I didn't really take my time, or go back and review the questions I wasn't sure of, I just kind of blew through them as quickly as possible to get them over and done with.

    On exam day though, I arrived early, and reviewed all my notes in the car, and then took the exam cram **** sheet to the testing center and reviewed that before I wrote my exam. I flagged all of the questions I didn't feel 100% on, and then reviewed them at the end, changing some of my answers before I finally clicked submit. The good thing about the CISSP exam, is that you'll be informed right away with whether you passed or not (not onscreen), so when you collect your result papers it will tell you congratulations you've passed, or that you need to brush up on the following subjects...

    I never learned my score, all I know is that I passed, and after 3 months of studying and 5 years in the Info Sec business, I was very glad for that fact. I wish you all the best in your studies, and remember that you have 5 Hours should you desire it, so use it all if you feel you need it. take your time, be relaxed, and you'll do just fine :D
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    Never did the trans. Did Harris tests/total tester, but they were nothing like the real thing. You need to know your stuff, no test banks are going to help with this. Concentrate on an exam strategy and have a **** sheet to review before the exam like CISSP notes or Sunflower.
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    Thanks guys, I used the exam simulation to see if I really understand one point, doesn't matter if I answer right but I am not sure I got and reread more or look for and one that is is becoming a good friend: Wikipedia, good source for definitions.

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