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I still have to go 2 years to school and then i will have my Bachelor's in computer i've been studying for the network+ exam. I wanna go for the certifications, because i would get a good job faster , when i have to start looking for one after my school period..also putting the money in it now is no problem for me, if i know it will be worth it. Will the exams i take during these two years still be of any value when i actually have to go look for a job ?
I know knowledge is never bad, but if the certs. will be outdated by then..well you get the point :)

Thanx in advance everyone


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    The degree is very valuable when it comes to searching for employment.
    Second is experience. Certifications backed up by experience, are the best certs. The value of certs depends on the viewpoint of the person doing the job interview.

    Good luck with your career!
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    Go for the certs that compliment your degree, i.e. if you're doing networking classes, then go for CCNA etc.
    Notice that you have to renew some certs every 2-4 years.
    Experience is a key factor, so try getting a part time job while you're finishing college.
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    Now i have a part time job in sales, so that will look good on my resume as communicative skills i think, if that is of any value in IT.

    I'm following all sorts of classes, also a lot op programming, java, .net and c++ .
    As my final year i can make a decision in what specific section i want to graduate, f.e. software engineering, networking, DBA..

    I think i want to do networking, because i like the setup, the troubleshooting etc. and i think you can make more money as a network professional or a network engineer.

    Another thing i'm afraid of is, i can get as many certs as possible. But if i don't have any real hands-on-experience, besides, my own home networksetup, testing lab . Will the certs be of any value at all ?

    Thanx in advance everyone
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    If you are interested in system and network administration and have two years left, I would focus on getting a couple of CompTIA certs, because the do not expire or need updated when new versions come up. A+, Network+, and Security+ would be good choices.

    Then in your list year look at the Cisco and Microsoft type of certifications.

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    Microsoft certifications do not really expire either as far as I know. They just get updated etc. I have my MCSD .NET and I am guessing when a new version comes out in 5 years or whatever it will be something different. But I will always be a qualified software engineer on the .NET platform. If you ever wanted to upgrade, you would have to pass 1 upgrade exam rather then take all 5 exams over.
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