senior role or this one

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Hey everyone,

I being offered a 80k package role but its mid level as their defeniation of a senior engineer is with someone with 10 plus progressive experience and they said they dont hire senior rather they make them.

There is another role that I interviewed for and its a 70k package role but the title is senior and its at a bigger company.

so does this mean levels depend on the company.

if yall were in my situation what would you do?


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    brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    I'll tell you, when you apply for a mortgage, they want to know what you make. For me the title has never been important. It is my duties and what they pay me for them.
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    XavorXavor Member Posts: 161
    I wouldn't care what the title of the job was if it advanced my skillset and paid well. You didn't give us any idea of your experience either so we have no idea what to base it on.
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    professionaleprofessionale Banned Posts: 39 ■■□□□□□□□□
    you will be looking after the IT of SME clients - the title will be remote Engineer salary is 80k
    and you will be a google app specalist and do all of the firms office 365 specalised work and projects
    you will be a intermediate but u will be in a senior team looking after the firms critical clients,

    ok the second one 70k senior engineer
    you will be a sharepoint/CRM infrastructure speclaist and you will be incharge of desining and implementing sharepoint/crm infrastruccture to medium and large clients this includes the corresponding technologies like AWS,sql,server os etc
    this is a project delivery role where you work with project managers etc
    you will be mentoring one junior person and in charge of him
    you will also do statement of work and assist wirh pre sales

    which one you guys choose.
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