Which exam better fits my organization needs?

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I am doing my CCNA Voice in less than three weeks (max) hopefully..

I look to take another Voice exam to broaden my Voice understanding.. I want something that fits my organization needs..

We have a head office where two call managers are.. another main location and another call manager there.. and a DR site with a DR CM.. local branch offices are around 8.. and about 50 international offices all register with the head office call manager (fall back to their gateways) in case of WAN loss.. we do have a call center..

The things we use and I look to enhance my knowledge on;
- Unity as we use those in international offices a lot
- Call Manager

What would be my best 'next thing'?
am currently leaning towards CIPT1 and CIPT2.. Should I do my CVoice before going on the CIPTs?


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    Good question. The best way to answer that is what are you day to day needs. If you are doing most of your work in CUCM then I would suggest doing the CIPT exams first. If you are in the gateways a lot dealing with SRST issues then maybe CVoice is the best way to go. Either way if you will be the primary voice person you need to do all of the voice exams. Also there is no exams for UCCX(IPCC), so if you want to study that you will have to read the cisco docs online.
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    Thanks a lot!

    Well am not the primary voice person, am more of a Routing, Switching, Firewalls and Wireless person.. but recently am assigned some Voice-related responsibilities, I am doing my best to feel as comfortable as be in that and to master it.. not sure if am really into voice in a way that would make me take 5 exams! I just want to feel comfortable with what am doing..

    So this makes the image a lot better! Yes I do deal more on a daily basis with CUCM, but the daily work and similar stuff can be mastered (not totally) by practice and I already deal fine with CUCM, not the best but still much better than the Voice Gateways and the SRST

    I feel like I will be doing my CCNA Voice and immediately follow it with a CVoice, and later on a CIPT1.. I think I will not go further in the voice path of certification, unless I really felt so much into it which I doubt!

    By the way, do I receive any certs for passing the CVoice or the CIPT1 or is it like CCNP, you never receive any cert unless you pass the Switch, Route and TShoot?!

    Thanks !
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    As far as I know you have to complete all the CCNP-V exams to get the CCNP-Voice cert. You do get a cert for passing each exam though, same as when people pass ICND1 ...
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    If your not going to do the cert you are pretty much wasting your time on doing the exams and buying the books. The exams have a bunch of things like gatekeepers ccd/saf that you will never touch unless you are already in an environment with them. You can learn the same stuff for free using the srnd and administrative guides on cisco ' website and of coucourse asking questions here
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