Installing CM on VMware Workstation

SDeeSDee Posts: 80Member ■■■□□□□□□□
I got the ISO file of the Call Manager

I tried to install it on a VMware workstation, but after checking my hardware compatibility a message appears:
"The hardware you are using is not supported for this product"

and installation halts, I tried the recommended configuration and never managed to get it working

Help !


  • JeanMJeanM Posts: 1,117Member
    What is the version of VMWare workstation , and what are the details for the VM that you've created to install CUCM onto?
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  • SDeeSDee Posts: 80Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    VMware workstation 10
    The VM: 44GB of HDD, 4GB Ram, single core

    Same configuration I installed CUCM7.0 on
  • JeanMJeanM Posts: 1,117Member
    Increase HDD space to at least 80. see this -
    I usually set mine to 100gb, and have 8.6 and 9.1x in vmware wks 10.0.1 and esxi host. 5.5x
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
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