Has anyone done Google Apps Administrator

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Has anyone done Google Apps Administrator? Preferably the new one, but the old one is basically the same, just updated from what I can tell.

If you have, do you have any feedback on it? Was it difficult? Was it a big knowledge gap for a heavy Google user? What is the testing experience like (Do they have a proctor? Do you have to go somewhere? Special anything you need to know?)


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    This is an older thread so I am not certain if you have already gone out for the exam. I had an opportunity to take the exam earlier in the summer. I used the free Administrator Training course from Google which offers the option of configuring a 30 day trial of Google Apps on a personal server. The exam itself if performance based so they basically configured a Google Apps environment and provided you with the business requirements. The "scoring" then evaluates at the end of the exam whether the requirements are met. There is no proctor and the exam was administered online. Once you pay for the exam, you must wait until receiving confirmation that the exam environment is configured. Then you can log in an take the exam any time over the next seven days. The administration tasks are all relatively easy for someone who has seen the inside of the Google Apps Administration interface. I would not advise taking it on consumer side knowledge alone since the interface is not necessarily intuitive.
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