Forest/Domain Functional Levels

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Firstly, i am about to sit the 70-294 exam and am not sure if i am posting these questions in the wrong forum, so sorry if that is the case

I could do with some1 clearing this up for me as i have read conflicting articles on this. Scenario is as follows:

forest root: (All DC's running windows 2003)
child domain1: (All DC's running windows 2000)
child domain2: (All DC's running windows 2000)

Forest Functional Level: Windows 2000
Domain Functional Levels: Windows 2000 Native

What i am looking to do is to be able to rename all the DC's in the entire domain. If i am correct then this means that all the domains must be set to 2003 functional level?
My question is as follows: Since all my domain functional levels are at 2000 native, can i raise them to 2003 by simply raising the forest functional level to 2003?
Some articles seem to suggest that i must raise the functional level of the child domains and raise the forest functional level! My understanding is that this is not necessary??



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