What path to start first, ENT, FWV or SEC

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Fairly new to the Juniper world, I started a new job as a Network Analyst and we currently use Juniper LAN and Juniper Firewalls. I'm trying to plan out my training for 2015 and I cannot decide what path will be the most valuable to me in my career. JNCIA is scheduled for JAN 2015.

From looking at what they have to offer I am interested in the JNCIS-ENT, JNCIS-SEC, & JNCIS-FWV.
I have had a broad exposure to other vendors, and I want to focus my career on Juniper. I'm trying to decide what path will provide me with the most opportunities.

I would really appreciate any suggestions


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    I would suggest against the JNCIS-FWV. It is based on the ScreenOS platforms, and they are nearing extinction. Yes, they will surely be around for years, but if you're looking for what's valuable for career going forward, then look at the Junos options. If you use ScreenOS platforms currently, then maaaybe try the JNCIS-FWV. but I would still suggest the JNCIS-ENT or SEC over the FWV.

    Both tracks will give you a good basis in Junos, which is the heart of the entire Juniper routing/switching/security line, so both will be good. I think it will come down to where you see your career headed, security? or more routing/switching? Which are you more interested in? Which one leaves you more room to develop your skills and learn something new? Do you have more access and exposure to Juniper routers, switches, or the Juniper SRX platform?
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    Thanks, I was leaning towards ENT or SEC. I prefer routing and switching and I would say that is my strong suite. I guess I have to decide if I should get the ENT for my career or the SEC to benefit my current company since they use SRX firewall's for everything.
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