Wireless exam recommendation.

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Hi everyone, I've been away forum for 5 years now I'm getting the certification itch again. I'm interested in taking either the CCNA wireless or the CWNA exam. I already have a few certification under my belt A+, Network +, Security+, MCP & CCNA so I'm looking for something to enhance my skills. Which of the two do you recommend?


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    Hi kajito,

    I have taken the CCNA Wireless and didn't like it that much. Cisco Marketing seems to have a big influence on the questions asked.
    You need to know about the proprietary WCS Software, which isn't bad, but it's already pretty old and not up to date.

    Personally i think the CWNA is recognised better but i haven't taken that exam.
    However, if u want to renew the CCNA it does make sense to take it.

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    By retaking the Cisco wireless I get the benefit of renewing my certification I forgot about that thanks for reminding me. I just looked over
    the CWNP website info and I'm leaning towards the CWNA exam. thanks for your input.
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