Anybody know the sites with questions 100% from exam

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i see that some people post that when they took the test they saw all the questions even in the right order from their study guide questions and answers does any1 know which sites offer those,
I need it for NET+ exam Holla


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    Sorry s0lja - we do not condone or discuss those **** sites in this forum.
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    Perhaps I should wait with my reply untill I have a really bad day :D
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    If you can't pass that test on your own ,you probably won't be able to get a job in IT anyway. Just study on your own, and learn the material well. It will pay off. Employers tend to get angry when you have no idea what you're doing. icon_wink.gif

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    my problem is that i can't fail cuz i will lose $207 and me not having a job will get me broke
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    Same old excuse...

    Like Jason Spraque says on the following page:

    "Well, you better sit down and study your ass off like the rest of us."
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    if you get this info you are looking for, get a job and then don't know what you are doing, you will end up right back where you are now.

    But at least you will know the answer to question #26.
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    yea man.. regardless .. you still need to know your game.. the feeling of accomplishment after you passed the test, knowing YOU passed it and YOU did not **** is awsome.. you will be more dedicated to passing more exams knowing you very well can without cheating..

    you can do it man.. dont give in..

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    there are two possible answers to your problem. either don't take the exam if you are scared to lose your money, or spend an extra few months until you are ready.

    it's not a race, and nobody here things less of anybody who takes longer to do an exam.

    what book(s) are you using, and how long have you spent so far?
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    Wut up, I've been studying for like a month now, so far I read basic networking book which dont cover much for net+ exam and i also read Tech tutorials, cert guide, mcmcse, cramsession from 2001, Troy tech and reading techexams now, i read many questions and answers but most of them were from 10-001 the older version.. there are still many questions i cant answer mostly to do with troubleshooting i never worked in a networking field nor do i have any experience, i just finished my BA in computer science and wanna move on to Cisco networking and thought Net+ would be a good start, anyway what do you guys recommend me to do and study Thnx for your responses
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    First throw away the ****...

    A NET+ text book makes a lot of difference, you can probably can get (a used) one cheap at your local book store or at or for example (or use the book finder at icon_idea.gif ) and just keep taking practice exams and keep reading untill it clicks. That might happen sooner than you think. Also, read the TechNotes, we'll have complete PDF versions available within a week.

    And just ask in this forum if anything doesn't make sense, or needs further explanations and/or more examples.

    The Network+ certs will have no use for anything and certainly not for Cisco certifications. "Knowing" the material covered in the Network+ exam objectives will... the exam is just a test to see you know it, use it that way. The paper cert won't help you get Cisco certs, and if you really want to work with Cisco equipment you're better of studying than memorizing questions icon_wink.gif

    Good luck!
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    webmaster.. would you say that if some1 was to strictly study your premuim edition Technotes, for the Net+, that they could pass the exam?

    or.. do you recommend some1 buy another source of materials inclueding yours..

    rigth now, i have the sybex book with the cd, i also have the BOSON tests and the cram masteter tests.. i belive with these i can pass just fine.. but i was just curious to know how far your P edition goes..

    thanks... maybe solja can buy your test since he is low on cash..
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    tokhss wrote:
    webmaster.. would you say that if some1 was to strictly study your premuim edition Technotes, for the Net+, that they could pass the exam?
    Some, probably not everyone, but those with experience should be able to do that. I don't recommend it.
    or.. do you recommend some1 buy another source of materials inclueding yours..
    Definitely. Look at it as supplemental material, in addition to a full text book. Or instead of buying a second book.

    It really depends on the person, I've heard people passed by only using our current Network+ TechNotes and practice exams combined with other free practice exams. I always advice not to rely on a single source. Just combining the TechNotes (the free PDF as well as the premium version) with a text book and/or another test prep product such as transcender will dramatically increase your chances of passing the exam, not because you memorized questions, but by actually understanding the topics.

    I appreciate the questions, it will allow me to establish some sort of mini-FAQ for the PDFs, their differences and advances.
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    yeah,, u don't want to use "BD", it will hurt u
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    i use the technet as review, they are also great source for information.

    go buy a book and practice test, and spend at least 2 months on it, do as much hands on and labs.

    i never recomend BD because you are cheating your self, and the net+ is not a hard exam.
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    If you can get some computers, network them together, get some users that have no interest in computers, set them all up on email and office software with shared printers and files and connect the system to the internet with a dial-up/ADSL router. Then wait for them to muck it all up and work out how they did it (BTW users never tell you what they did until AFTER you tell them what they did).
    You are onto a surefire winner.

    If you can just get some computers and network them you are most of the way there.

    Parrotting the answers by learning them is absolutely crap.

    But all of this begs the question.....
    How exactly did you get that degree?
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    i feel stupid.. whats a BD?
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    These posts remind of one of the scenes in the Life of David Gale (great movie, just came out on DVD, go rent it if you haven't seen it ;))

    'I would do anything to pass your class. Anything'
    'Really? Anything? Alright then, I will give you a good grade... a very, very good grade... if you would just....
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    First of all I wasn't about to use braindumps as my only source i will get the book and read it along with study guides but braindumps is a good thing to have cuz not only those questions can appear on the test they could be used as for regular questions and answers but i will take the exam not when i know the the **** but when i understand everything and i will keep re-reading my study guides and books after i am done with exam too cuz whats good to have net+ when u dont know anything or forget what u knew Holla
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    s0lja wrote:
    First of all I wasn't about to use braindumps as my only source i will get the book and read it along with study guides

    Let me ask you an honest question. Suppose you were sitting for the Net+ exam and another fella next to you has three to four Net+ Study Guides. He searches periodically for the information he doesn't know. Flipping through the pages until he feels sure he can answer the question on the screen. You, on the other hand, don't have a single piece of paper. You've studied your ass off and are now working honestly through the exam. Would you call your fella a cheater or not? If your answer is no, then...... icon_redface.gif

    No what if the fella next to you starts writing down the questions on a piece of paper (a graver sin) and gives it to his/her friend. The next day that guy comes and takes the exam after directing his focus on the contents mentioned in the **** (in other words, after cheating). Do you call that guy a cheater too?

    YES, YES, YES. And remember, there are two ways to **** in a test. 1-having references at hand. 2- Knowing the exact content of the exam before taking it. The latter is known as braindumps. You get a cheater's narration of the exam's contents.

    2lbs. :)
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    2lazy.. nicely said.. made me laugh.. not at the content or you.. if that makes any sense..

    i dont know about the rest of you.. but solja.. i dont know you.. nor do i know any1 else on this forum.. so what i am about to say is real..

    if you plan on cheating.. so be it.. if you plan on studying for be it.. point is.. i could care less, why? 2 reasons.. 1. if u do ****.. then cool.. you pass the exam and get hired.. 2. if we happen to work on a team <insert me being any1> then, my job is stable ;)

    hehe.. sorry.. but when it comes to the real world.. you can only wing it in our industry for so long.. but,im sure you have already made the right choice...,

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