Intuitive competence

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When studying for a course how do you know that you've got something apart from passing an exam. Let me explain, I can easily build a PC system, if somebody asked me to build them a PC depending on their needs, I have no problem just coming out with the suitable options. But I not built 100s of systems, I've only built a few over the last 10 years. But I feel confidence and natural to get the job done. I have not read a ton of books on the subject, maybe read a few articles and reviews a year. Thats it. Did not study using textbooks for the most part.

However with the certificates I am studying at the moment I am not getting anything near that feeling of intuitive competence. Ideas and concepts still feel like dry some where out there bits of information. Have people found that doing out of curisoity a much quicker learning experience then sitting down going through textbooks and other learning material?

At the moment I am working on BCS CISMP(a beginner cut down version of CISSP), so its not a subject that I can practically engage, or is it?


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    CISSP is Security correct? Security for me is pretty dry. It takes a certain type of person to study for those topics imo. Maybe try studying for something else? CCNA or MCSA and see if your interested in that.
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