I see a lot of vExpert's flying around...

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How does one get recognized to be a vExpert? ... and what the heck is it?


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    It's an award for contribution to the VMware user community. You can become one with:

    1) a blog
    2) helping on sites like TE
    3) VMUG memberships (or more like being a member of a VMUG committee in your area)
    4) helping over on VMware's community forums

    Any combination of the above, really. Lately, VMware have eased the requirements for being recognised as a vExpert, hence why you see more people with the award these days.
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    You can also be awarded as one if you work with customers and make sure they are all vSphereriated :p

    Oh, and you can become one as Partner and Employee as well (mainly need a VMware reference though).
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    This was the most recent announcement on vExpert nominations: vExpert 2015 applications are open | VMTN Blog - VMware Blogs
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