Start up files..which ones should i know most????

coldbugcoldbug Member Posts: 189
Windows 9x start up files

- MSDOS.SYS <loads into memory at bootup and remains there at all time>
- EMM386.EXE <to see additonal memory/ upper memory>
- HIMEM.SYS < to access HMA <High Memory Area>
- IO.SYS <OS to interact with system BIOS, Hardware>
-WIN.COM <initiates Windows 9x protected load phase>
-WIN.INI < sets particular windows environment>
- SYSTEM.INI <INI files are configured here>

Windows NT/2000/XP

- NTLDR > Bootstraps the system
- BOOT.INI > holds info what OSs are installed
-BOOTSECT. DOS> store copy of Windows 9x bootsector
-NTDETECT.COM > Parases the system hardware information each time it loads
-NTBOOTDD.SYS> to recognize and load SCSI interface
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