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Does anyone have any experience with this class? It's billed as prep for CISSP

(Formerly CMIT 499S. Designed to help prepare for the (ISC)2 Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam.) Prerequisite: CMIT 320 or CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications. Recommended: BMGT 110, IFSM 300, or two years of business and management experience. A comprehensive study of information systems security to enhance organizational security. The goal is to manage risks by identifying and mitigating them

I need to take a course to satisfy my financial aid requirements, and have completed the rest of my computer requirements, so thought this may be a decent course, but if it's not a good course, I'd prefer not to take something so challenging. Just curious if anyone has taken it before and can offer their thoughts on the material, and structure and whether or not found it valuable.

Judging from the syllabus, as far as I can tell they utilize "bootcamp videos" from Security University? Anyone familiar with that as well and any input?



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    To further clarify, I'm interested in pursuing the CISSP, and thought since I have to take classes anyway, that this may be a good starter. But I'm only interested if it's actually beneficial. Would hate to spend 2 months on it and have to start from scratch afterwards. I'm not expecting to come out of it completely ready to take the exam, but I would hope to be in good shape.
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    well i enrolled anyway, so if anyone has any interest i can provide my experiences.

    first and foremost though, i'm extremely disappointed in the included videos/lectures. thus far it's been a disjointed collection of youtube videos. not what i'd come to expect from UMUC thus far. but I'll reserve judgement. does include an e-copy of shon harris book, but I'm not much for reading on a laptop and would like to highlight/make notes etc.
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