Passed GCED

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So decided to make an account here since I used this site to help me what to expect on my GCED Exam.

Exam took me about 2 and a half hours, and scored an 84%. I brought my Index (roughly 800 keywords), cmd **** sheet (150 commands), MAN page print outs (about 5 applications), and several **** sheets from SANS (NMAP, TCP Header, IPv4, revershell, netcat, tcpdump and intrusion discovery win/*nix). I read the books a total of 3 times (once in class, once for index and the week leading to the exam).

Overall I'm happy with the materials I learned and it did give me a better understanding of certain aspects of security. As for the exam I'd say it covered the materials pretty well. Although it did go outside of the realm of what was taught, and required real world experience to answer.

I plan on taking my CEH next followed up by the OSCP. I hear CEH isn't that great of a cert to have anymore, but just something that's been on my goal list for awhile.

As for another SANs course I'd like to take the GCIH... thats if I work will send me for it.
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