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Hey brothers,

I have had some interviews with this company and they decided to go with me,

they want to conduct a reference check,

the manager wants to run a huge reference check,
basically i am unemployed and in my last organization things didnt end well and i do not wanna talk about it,
he asked me if he can phone the directors of that company
the manager i interviewed with, nothing against him but he forgets things so i have to repeat over and over again, i told him i left the company cause it wasnt a good place to work for and most people surivie there for 6 months
and i was there for like 2 years,

how ever for one of my managers in the last company said he will be happy to be my reference and i reported to him so i am thinking of using him,

this guy also wants the managers that i reported from my second company i havent even talked to these managers in like nearly 3 and half years, so i looked them up and those managers dont even work for the same company no more
they are in different ones so i guess i could track them down and ask if they can give me reference, i might right their new company and say hey can i speak to blah blah blah and get them like that

this guy also wants references of 3 clients that i provided work for cause he wants to know how i interacted with clients,
i will track these clients down
man this is a huge check,
what do you guys think am i scrwed or?


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    Nah.. If you can't find or get the contact info for those older jobs, I'd direct them to the HR department of that company and state that you aren't sure exactly if they are still there or not. As long as you have good references otherwise, you'll be just fine. Just take your time and if you specify anyone directly, definitely give them a call first to give them a heads up and hopefully they will be on the same page as you.
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