What to expect with 801 and 802?

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I know the questions are all randomized for each test, but for those who have passed the A+, what to expect from the questions difficulty wise? I know of the simulation questions and the multiple choice questions, specifically how easy are the multiple choice questions? Do they go into specifics? I'm having a hard time gauging, as I've taken practice tests on this site, ExamCompass, the review questions in Meyer's book and in Sybex's book. The problem is, the questions range from difficulty, I mean in Meyer's book the review questions are really specific and difficult, but in the Sybex book, they were general and easy. What am I to expect?


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    You'll find a mix on the exam, but if I remember correctly, most of the questions were pretty specific; at least in my experience. There are a few that are quite obvious, but don't expect the whole test to be like that. ExamCram did a good job with their questions, I found them quite similar to the actual exam. I'm using Meyers book for my Net+, and those seem similar to the real test as well.
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    ExamCram huh? Alright, I will go check out that book then. I've heard a lot about it, but I've stuck to Sybex and Meyer for my time studying. Thanks for the info!
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