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I have decided to make a slight career path change down the Linux route. My day to day activities vary with their depth into Linux. I'm looking to get a good Linux cert and from what I'm reading, the RHCSA is a good route to take. I was looking to buy a book but it looks like the ver 7 material for the new test isn't covered in any of the books out on Amazon. Should I just pick up one of the following books and supplement with the new material from Red Hat's documentation?

Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Engineer: Training Guide and a Quick Deskside Reference, Exams EX200 & EX300: Asghar Ghori: 9781467549400: Amazon.com: Books

RHCSA/ RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification: Exams (Ex200 & Ex300) (Certification Press): Michael Jang: 9780071765657: Amazon.com: Books


  • brownwrapbrownwrap Posts: 549Member
    Well, your subject says "Red Hat 7", but both of those books are RH 6. There aren't any RH 7 books out yet as far as I know.
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    At this time the only version on 7 come from Red Hat.

    If you follow the objectives from the exam from Red Hat and know how to perform them, you should pass.
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    You can't go wrong with the Red Hat Product Documentation as they're straight from the horse's mouth. The guide's pretty straightforward.
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    If you are like me, my company is not moving to RHEL 7 for another 3-4 years. I simply paid for the vouchers on RHEL 6 but can take the exam anytime within one year.
  • brownwrapbrownwrap Posts: 549Member
    Same here, we have no plans in the near future to move to 7, although the vast majority of our machines are on 6, we still have some RH 5 machines around.
  • sixtytensixtyten Posts: 84Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the info! I'll just go ahead and purchase one of the RHEL 6 books for now.
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