1 PMP Bootcamp Not Rec'd

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If you learn visually and/or love processflow charts, I highly recommend SmartPath LLC. The 4 day class bootcamp (inperson) is 180 degrees different than the other major players' PMP bootcamps.
Students are advised not to review the PMBOK nor any other materials except the manual and a dozen process flows distributed in class.
I took the bootcamp and am now preparing for the PMP exam using more traditional methods: Andy Crowe’s and Rita’s books, the many free and nominal fee online practiceexam questions, and Udemy formula “classes” ($11 on sale).
If I could do it again, I would Never take the 4 day SmartPath bootcamp course. My areas of expertise include Process and Systems Engineering, yet I find reading process flow charts a real pain. It is a matter of learning preference and I think class participants could certainly pass the PMP exam after the SmartPath course if they understand the material and have memorized formulas and knowledge areas/processes.
Additionally, the owner forbad me to contact the class instructor despite the instructor having emailed her contact info [unfortunately my new phone malfunctioned-ended up returning-and I never got the info].
The owner also nagged and nagged and nagged me about getting my PMP application done even though I had provided her proof multiple times that PMI had accepted the application.

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