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I have decided to prepare for and take the VCP5-DCV (5.5) exam to earn the VCP 5.5 certification.

I purchased the official VMware Press study guide (VCP5-DCV Official Certification Guide (Covering the VCP550 Exam): VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization (2nd Edition) (VMware Press Certification): Bill Ferguson: 9780789753748: Books) but the Amazon reviews say it is not adequate.

Has anyone use this guide for exam preparation? If so, what are your thoughts? Is it sufficient to pass the exam? Would you recommend any other materials?

Thank you!


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    I cannot speak for any of those books but here is the official blueprint from VMware At the end of each topic section there is a list of links that are related to each topic. Since you already purchased the books, my advice is read them then check the blueprint and see what topics you aren't sure about. Read the white papers and anything else you need. Then you need to go to a VMware approved class, which will bore you to tears but they will have you go through standard stuff like creating a VM, setting up vCenter and some other basics. Don't expect the class to fully prepare you for the exam either. depending on which class you take, you may find some topics are not covered in-depth or even at all from an exam point of view.

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    I used Master vSphere 5.5 which has everything you need, but you would use it along with the Blueprint.

    I highly recommend the book, It should be included in your study kit along with any other book you decide to purchase.

    Also, the Pluralsight videos (Even if they say VCP-DCD, etc.) are always worth watching as they are very indepth and explorer the technologies for you.
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    As others have said, through your mylearn account you have access to the exam blueprint which lays out all exam topics. Similar to what MS does with their exam topics.

    Nothing wrong with purchasing a book, but the topics (not material) are readily available through your mylearn account.

    I too have heard high reviews of the Master vSphere 5.5 book by Scott Lowe. I plan on purchasing that book and studying for the VCP as well this month. HEre is the book: Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 by Scott D. Lowe | 9781118661147 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble

    Remember you have to take a class as well to get your VCP certification.
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    Since I just took the VCP5-DCV, if you want my study notes, there about 15 pages long they might be useful for you. :) - send me a PM with your email.
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    Kindly share VCP5-DCV study notes.
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    Deathmage wrote: »
    Since I just took the VCP5-DCV, if you want my study notes, there about 15 pages long they might be useful for you. :) - send me a PM with your email.

    Hi, I am going to be taking the official 5.5 install course in a few weeks, I wouldn't mind a copy of your notes

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