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hey guys, whats up?

I got a job at Toshiba's warranty centre for notebooks/laptops/tablets in the nation i live in with my Comptia A+, do you think that's a good start in my career? this is my very first job in my life, and what if I want to venture in networking after obtaining my network+ and CCNA? what do i do

your advice will be highly appreciated


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    I think it's a very good start to get your foot into the door, you will obviously need experience to progress in this field so you need to keep going for those certs it is possible to move into networking but for now you need to keep gaining experience.
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    I would stay there and learn as much as you can. Study on the side. Once you learn everything you can there. Move into a corporate helpdesk position for a year or so and learn more sys/network stuff and then move again for a sys/network position.
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    Great start! You just want to get into a company and see how they do business. Network+ is a natural progression for you and will introduce concepts slowly. If you got it down pretty good, just go for your CCNA - you don't need Network+. A+ and N+ is really for getting your foot in the door - as everyone else has mentioned. Once you have some experience under your belt, they don't really mean much. Case in point, I don't have either the A+ nor N+ (or even CCNA). | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    awesome start!! In perspective, i got an A+ and became a freaking cable guy (They needed a guy that new computers to setup Broadband connections and small networks so that was me. It paid crap, and it was more physical labor than i cared for (running rg-6 etc) but, it helped, my next job was a field tech. Then got my N+ and now im a network tech. (and i love it)

    So yes, you have done very well. Learn all that you can, assist every where you can, be a asset to the guys that know more than you, and in time you will be at the next level.

    Welcome to the industry!
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