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I am wondering what weight does the Security + certification have in the industry and is it really worth it or should I go for something like CISSP?

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    I have no idea to be honest with you. All I know is, I've never seen a job that requested that you have a security+ as a requirement. icon_confused.gif:
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    Although I've seen it listed for some jobs, in general the cert by itself doesn't have much value on a resume. I'd say none at all on your resume considering you already have a CCSP and CSSA... although there may be some non-overlapping topics, I think you got it pretty much all covered with those two. The value of Security+ lies in its topics. It provides a good foundation for any IT pro, and for those starting with a security career.

    So in my opinion, the CISSP (if you have the required 4 years direct full-time experience as a security professional, or 3 years+masters) is a better option in your case, or else the SSCP (requires one year experience). Very simply put, SSCP is Security++ and CISSP is Security+++ (and some more ;)).

    First time I see a Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA) here, I had to look it up even. Any basic info you can share about that one? Has it done any good for your carreer?
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    I'm curious to know the answer to this to. We had to have put at least 20 Sonicwall solutions last year. I thought about having a few people work on that cert.
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    I would have to say the CSSA test is very easy if you know your security protocols in regards to VPN tunnels. It also gave a few scenario questions, but it is very simple compared to other tests. I studied for one day and passed. For the person who said you implemented 20 in the last year, the certs would be beneficial because they wuold give everyone some insight as to the features of what I feel is a great product, but the real world experience is worth way more than the cert. It has helped me get a job before so for the $125 it cost to take the test, I would definitely do it again. Hope this helps.
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