CEH or LPT certification?

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Hi all,

I just finished my master's degree in computer security and searching for a job but unfortunately till now I haven't found one, it been already 4 months completing my master's degree. So now I thought of doing some certification course. Right now I am confused whether to do CEH certification or Licensed Penetration testing(LPT). I want some guidance in this matter and one more thing to do either one of certification which training institute is best? It would be great help if someone points to a right direction.

Plz help me out.

Thanks in advance.


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    Not sure I would personally suggest either one as a first certification, but to maybe lead you in the right direction go to indeed.com and put in CEH then put in LPT and look at the hits you get.Understand that most of the LPT hits are for Licensed Psychiatric Technician. The second part of this process would be to look at what other qualifications/experience they are looking for. Most jobs just will not say all you need is a cert and a pulse.
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    The CEH is one of the prerequisites for the LPT, so you need to do the CEH (and ECSA) before the LPT.
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