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Hello all,

I'm currently reading through the GSEC texts and creating my index as i go.

I have amassed a 120 page index, and i'm only up to book 4 out of a total of 6 books!

For those who have completed the GSEC, i was wondering how many pages did your index contain?



  • JDMurrayJDMurray Certification Invigilator Surf City, USAPosts: 11,260Admin Admin
    120 pages? I guess it depends on your formatting. Mine was about 30 pages. Have a look at my blog articles on the GSEC:

    The GIAC GSEC Exam Experience - IT Certification Blogs
    My Study Plan for the GIAC GSEC Exam - IT Certification Blogs
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    Interesting. I added a descriptions section to every term. I think thats why my Index has exploded in size.
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    Hmm... 120 pages sounds awfully voluminous. My GCIH and GCED indexes were 13 and 16 pages respectively. Unless you put down a 10 line description per entry I am having a hard time visualizing it. GSEC is a lot more material but still, too long of an index. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    How exactly did you organize your index? See a picture of my index format here:
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    swish, I followed the advice of JDMurray and cyberguypr when I created my GSEC index - mine was 20 pages, or 10 printed back to back.

    You do know that you can bring your books with you into the examination, correct? I brought my index, the 6 books, and the **** sheets that came with the books and had everything needed.
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    swish45 wrote: »
    I added a descriptions section to every term.
    You annotated your index and made it into a glossary too. The point of an index is to quickly reference material that's in the SANS books, not to build a an additional source of information.
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    Very good point.
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    My experience almost mirrors JD's you can read my story over here and also get an idea of my index. Josh the InfoSec Guy: My Experience with the GIAC GSEC Exam
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    I agree with the others who stated that the index is large. I believe my index was 30-40 pages, I also tabbed the main sections in the books in case I quickly needed to jump into the books.
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    the index is very large, maybe about 50 pages, but if you handwritten by yourself, you can memorize it, so dont worry..
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