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So I have been a lurker on here for quite some time reading and trying to determine which study habits would be best for myself. So first and foremost, thank you to everyone who has posted about SSCP/CISSP study methods and resources, it helped me out tremendously. I took the exam this morning and PASSED!icon_cheers.gif As far as preparation for the SSCP here is a list of my resources:
  • SSCP AIO by Darril Gibson
  • CISSP Combined Notes
  • SSCP Notes
  • CCCure Paid
As far as the test experience, WOW. I really was not expecting this exam to be as challenging as it was. The AIO did not go in depth enough for this exam, plain and simple. If it wasn't for my experience I dont know if I would of got the same result I got today. After the first 25 questions I honestly thought I was going to fail. This was my first exam outside of Comptia so I was prepared for different phrasing but the technicallity of some questions was quite impressive.

My recommendations to others going for the SSCP is to study as many CISSP questions available, reason I say that is because the questions I got from AIO and CCCure were too simple. But overall just understand the material, once you understand how something works, you can answer any question on the topic.

Like stated previosly this is my first exam outside of Comptia but I am aware of the endoresment process ISC2 requires. I have already submitted all my paperwork to ISC2 for endorsement so I will see how long that process will take. Unfortunately I do not know anyone personally that has a ISC2 certification so I had to use the help form. So now I am onto the next one, CISSP icon_cheers.gif, I already have the AIO and just ordered Eric Conrads CISSP study guide along with the 11th hour. For any questions please dont hesitate to ask. Have a great day!


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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    congrats well done!
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    Congrats on the pass! I remember taking it as well when the questions were a bit more complicated than what I had studied.
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    Congrats, keep going.
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    Congratz FirstAvenger- I had the same exam experience!
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    Congrats! I'm going for it in March, I hope I get the same result.
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    FrozenAvenger, if you don't mind me asking, what role do you currently have and what are you trying to do? I am in a similar boat as you, I got my Sec+ a few months ago and am going for my SSCP in March. I have had a hard time trying to figure out which certs to go for. I almost skipped over SSCP because I didn't see a lot of results from it in job searches, and it's not a very popular cert. Plus many I know have said its best to learn security from the inside out, so I almost went straight into MCSA. I'm just curious of your thought process, as I'm in a similar situation as you. I've been working on Help Desk for almost 2.5 years, a year and a half at one company and almost a year at my current.

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    • SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner)
      Sponsor: ISC2
      Difficulty: 4
      Respectability: 3
      Renown: 2
      Requirements: Single Exam, 125 Questions, 3 hours; 1 Year Experience
      Cost: $350 USD
      Who: The SSCP is for serious, dedicated information security professionals who are not quite ready to take the CISSP exam. Only one (1) year of experience is required for this exam vs. 3-4 (depending on if you have your bachelors) for the CISSP.
      Pros: The SSCP is administered in a very professional fashion, just like the CISSP, and it thus carries some degree of the respect that goes along with that credential. It’s also from ISC2 just like the CISSP, so that helps it as well. It shows that you’re serious about your career.
      Cons: Unfortunately, the certification that hurts the SSCP the most is in fact its older sibling — the CISSP. If you check the job boards, precious few jobs ask for the SSCP. The reasoning there is that the experience requirement for the CISSP is much of what makes it so respectable. To take that away and ask half the number of questions diminishes the value of the SSCP significantly.
      Comments: If you can’t show the 3-4 years experience required for the CISSP, or you don’t feel you can pass the CISSP exam, and someone else is paying, I’d say go for the SSCP. If nothing else, it will help prepare you for the CISSP that will surely be in your future. Also consider that you can take the CISSP exam even if you don’t have the experience to get the credential. Once you get the experience you’ll then be awarded the certification. That being said, if you want to get a truly valuable credential that doesn’t require the experience (and you’re technical enough), go for the GSEC (covered below) instead .
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    I am currently a network administrator in the USAF so I have a good amount of experience as far as Access control along with incident response. Really in the Air Force, especially where I am stationed, you kinda got to be a jack of all trades. I know a little about everything (I like to think so at least) but I noticed I had a certain niche for Information Security and decided to direct most of my attention in that direction. So once I found out which side of IT I wanted to go into I took a look at the 8570 chart and just started to do some research on which each cert requires and which one holds the most merrit and I developed a plan on how to acheive that goal. First I took Sec+ to get my foot in the door then SSCP as that stepping stone towards my goal CISSP. A bit off topic but I paid for all my certs so far except A+, the Air Force will only pay for 1 cert ( which will be CISSP icon_lol.gif )unless you want to use the GI bill, but thats another story. So back on topic I decided to go the route of ISC2 because they are part of the 8570 requirements. I might be getting out of the military at the end of my contract but I still want to keep those doors open just in case. I made the CISSP a goal before the end of my contract because I hear people all the time saying as soon as they get endorsed employers will be calling them with job offerings in the civilian sector, but with CISSP you could pretty much get any GS-11 and up job in the DOD. I understand that the SSCP might not have as much recognition as it should but the way I think of it, it is just a stepping stone. It is that one exam in the middle preparing you for the more difficult one. I just recently did a search for SSCP and got quite a few hits so I think it has more weight then some people would like to think. Hopefully that answered your questions, sorry if I had a couple of "squirrel" moments in my reply haha.

    Have a great Day!
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    Awesome, thanks for your feedback! This was my first time looking at the 8570 Chart, it is interesting. You being a network admin helps tremendously, as I am still trying to dig my way out of my help desk role. Which is the reason why I am going to take my MCSA certs before going for CISSP. I'm sure everything will work out great for you, you have a great plan.
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    The SSCP exam is $250.
    I just confirmed it on Pearson Vue.
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