Passed Today!

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Passing score 769

No IIS questions (ok..mabe just one..but it wasn't very in depth...during my hands on in my test environtment i was trying build a website...set up FTP..SMTP...NNTP...servers...what a waste of time

A few questons on SUS

No Remote Assistance Questions

No Remote Desktop Administration questions

1 or 2 easy Terminal Sevice questions

Lot of questions on SHARE/NTFS permissions (see below)

Heavy on Group Type *nesting Universal, Domain Local, Global groups* and access permission to FILES and SHARES

Heavy on Shadow Copies

Lots of questions on Physical disk /logical disks

Very heavy on Disaster Recovery!!!!!!

Some easy backup questions

Actual HANDS on simulations where you have to perform steps on a Windows 2003 server desktop (for a minute I thought the system had crashed) but it was the test. THey gave you criteria you had to complete and you were left alone to do your thing from the windows desktop (The simulations were unxepected..the last microsoft test I took was 2000 Professional)

Roaming profile questions

Good Luck to everyone!


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