Yay... another resume - please critique

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I know there are a few things I should update/change but the more eyes, the better.. right? I am thinking of moving the education to the bottom since there isn't a lot that stands out there (no actual degree in hand) and actual experience is more important to emphasize in this case.

I found a "resume guide" another user posted and will be going over that in the next few days. Any other suggestions?

(should be a resume review thread)


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    The formatting and overall appearance of the resume could definitely be improved upon. I recommend that you use a resume template (one that is already pre-formatted). Then all you have to do is plug in your information. I will link you to a good example.

    The resume needs to begin with a competent Professional Summary. This is very important. I will link you to some documentation and examples of how to write this section.

    As far as your technical skills section goes (Systems, Languages, Software), I would much rather see you incorporate these skills and technologies into your work experience and SHOW me exactly HOW you are proficient in these technologies, particularly in a business/enterprise environment. Afterwards this section could be deleted altogether. Otherwise, it's just a long list of software and technologies that really tells me nothing substantive about your level of knowledge or experience.

    Within the job experience section, I really like how you began each job description with a high-level overview of your daily duties and responsibilities. Good job. Be sure that when using past tense language, you are consistent. I found several errors here and there where past tense verbs with mixed with present tense verbs for the same job description. This will require some careful proofreading. I personally use past-tense verbiage for the entire Experience section, including my current position, as I find that my resume reads better that way.

    I recommend that you expand upon the information within the Tasks/Responsibilities section, using complete sentences. Each sentence should ideally begin with an action verb. Use this section to highlight key accomplishments, projects, promotions, etc.

    Regarding moving the Education section, that's up to you. You have 6 or 7 years of IT experience, so you can definitely move the Education section to the bottom of the resume without consequence. Try it that way and see what you think.

    Do you have any certifications?

    This is an excellent resume guide with example resumes, a huge list of action verbs, sample summaries, etc:


    This thread contains a fantastic example of a properly formatted and written resume (ptilsen's resume):

    WGU Progress: Master of Science - Information Technology Management (Start Date: February 1, 2015)
    Completed: LYT2, TFT2, JIT2, MCT2, LZT2, SJT2 (17 CU's)
    Required: FXT2, MAT2, MBT2, C391, C392 (13 CU's)

    Bachelor of Science - Information Technology Network Design & Management (WGU - Completed August 2014)
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