trunk port not showing up in "show vlan brief"

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Hey awesome folks,

I was doing some VTP lab and I have 2 switches connected at Fa0/24. I put Fa0/24 in VLAN 100 on both switches. I put the rest of the ports in access mode and in different VLANs. When I do the "show vlan brief" command (see:image) I am not able to see the Fa0/24 port in the list, everything else seems fine though. Is that 'normal' ? PS- VTP was working fine.

used Packet tracer student edition for simulation.



Any input would be appreciated!!

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    Trunk ports don't show on that output. It only shows access-ports with those vlans.

    "show interface trunk" to see vlans active on trunks.
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    That command only shows the access ports. You can do a show show interface trunk, show vlan id xxx, etc. to see trunk port info.
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    Got it, thanks !

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    Hi all,

    Sorry to bump this but it's relevant to a question I had.

    So in the book it says show vlan id num = Lists both access and trunk ports in the VLAN. My understanding is trunk ports (when operational) do not show up in show vlan, vlan br, vlan id ect... and you need to either use show interfaces trunk or check the interface switchport.

    I've tried labbing this in PT and that seems to align with my understanding. FYI the attachement is from the lower right switch. Gi0/1 (which connects to the lower left switch) on both ends is set to dyanmic auto, so not operationally trunking. Gi0/1 does show up in show vlan ID 1. Gi0/2 is trunking with the top switch, and I can't see that with this command.

    Just wanted to check if this is correct and this isn't some PT quirk. i.e. when the book says that show vlan id number shows access and trunk ports, it's non operational trunks only.

    Thank you

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