Want to start CCNA

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i want to start my CCNA ............
I am MCSE certified but i am reading here that the two certs are incomparable in difficulty level. No probs.

My job has been pushing me a lot into network security, wan security etc...... so it is important that i get some real knowledge on routers.
I have had minimum interaction with routers........we usually have a third party company handle that for us .

i plan to study on my own, where do i start ?
Any recommended text books ? study resources ?

Any help will mean a lot !



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    I am using Cisco Press 640-607 text book by Wendell Odom. It has some good labs and problems to work on. I also purchased 2 cisco 2501 routers and a 1912 switch off of ebay. You can get them on there pretty cheap if you are looking for a hands on experience lab to work on at home. Plus the notes/practice tests/links from here are all good.
  • hercu1es23hercu1es23 Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks much.

    i will check those out.
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