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By Grace of Almighty Allah I passed the CISSP exam on yesterday, no doubt it was one of the toughest exam I had before, the exam Question language is not much difficult but the option (answer) is much confused like confusion and diffusion J I managed to finish my exam in 5 hours 50 minutes without reviewing of flagged question as I didn’t get chance to review as my testing center condition was very pathetic and during the exam I changed my seating thrice time which is led losing my concentration and in the end I didn’t get chance to review flagged question..

Now moving on a endorsement second part for achieving the certs. wishing best of luck for all the CISSP aspirants and thanks a lot to all the guys who keep updating their experience in this forum. The other supervise regarding my CISSP preparation that I not use Shon Harris except Question and only rad Official ISC CBK once and Eric both books.
However, I extensively use the Cccure and MCgraw practice question (both are great resource for exam).

The TIP of the exam that you always think in bigger aspect like you are CSO or Executive Member then you would not face any problem if you too much techi then would face difficutly to solve the question.

Resource I used for exam

CISSP Threads in the Techexam Forums (very useful towards the exam preparation and guidance)
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK - 3rd Edition

Eric Conrad's Study Guide (second edition)
Eric Conrad's 11th hour guide
StudiScope questions ipod version (very cheap compare to other one)
TotalTester questions

SunFlower PDF
CISSP Combined Notes

CCURE paid version.
Macgraw hills website .

Shon Harris Practice end of Book (very good for mock)


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