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Could i ask the webmaster about the stars we have on the left, i have 2 just wondering how or why there given?

Lee H


  • qsubqsub Member Posts: 303
    It relates to how much posts you make. Nothing really important. It goes up eventually.
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    spfdz is right, it's related to the number of posts you have posted. At 50 you get two starts, at 100 three. And the mods and I have 4. But it does indeed mean nothing more than that. I can't remember ever looking at someone's 'rank' on this or any other forum. It's basically there because it's in the forum software and I had to assign some value to it. ;) We also failed to come up with some funny or clever rank names so everyone is a 'Registered User', except the mods and I. I'll probably remove the rankings entirely at the next major version of the forum or make it user-customizable, i.e. so you can edit the rank name in the profile.
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