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Hi Guys,

After finishing my CCNA and moving onto RHCE and CCNP I am now trying to hold a 1000 page book and decided that its too much. I want to move either to a tablet or E-reader. Does anyone have any advice on which one would work best for "technical books"?


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    I have been very ahppy with Pocketbooks for Android
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    A tablet is a better option.
    For one, I've had poor experiences (using a Nook and Kindle e-reader) when it comes to viewing diagrams or seeing mangled config snippets.
    Also, PDFs tend to be hit or miss for me, I've tried simple side-loading them as well as converting them to e-pub format using Calibre.
    Its a bit of a hassle and still not quite as good.

    Right now I'm happy with using Adobe Acrobat reader on an 8" Android tablet.
    Got this one while it was on sale :
    Lenovo S850 Tablet 16GB S8-50 - 59426767 - Best Buy

    Not exactly "pocket" sized, but technical books , diagrams and code snippets display as they should.
    With the added benefit of allowing me to add notes/highlight things.
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    I LOVE my kindle fire, but as ccnxjr says, it's a PITA for diagrams or converted docs. If the book is a Kindle-made version, it's great. Otherwise, not so great.
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    Forgot that detail. I'm using a 7" first gen Nexus. When my kid hasn't stolen it. ;)
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    I use the iPad Air. Very light, super sharp screen, PDFs and tech diagrams look great on it, a multitude of ways to view and annotate PDFs, Kindle Reader app. Love it.
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    I read all my tech books as PDFs.
    I use a NVidia Shield and eZPDF. Before the shield I used a nexus 2012 and both did great and did exactly what I needed.

    If I didn't have my shield I would probably have considered an iPad mini.

    Tried reading PDFs on a nook (not the color one) and it does not work out well at all.
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    I'm using rooted Nook HD+ (retails for $179 with 32GB) with android 4.4.4. It has a FHD 9" screen and battery holds for about 8-10 hours. I compared many different readers and I really like Moon+ Reader Pro. It has almost every possible feature out there, but the most amazing one which I couldn't find in any IOS readers is it can remember zoom and apply it for every page. Using this ability you don't have to zoom in every time you flip the page and this especially can become annoying on PDFs with large margins and small font. I also have an iPAD but neither books app nor kindle reader has the capability I mentioned above and unfortunately Moon+ Reader Pro doesn't exist for IOS.
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    I always like physical books vs pdf or kindle versions...
    I would say go Kindle paperwhite.. it's the best of both worlds.
  • IT-FellaIT-Fella Member Posts: 63 ■■□□□□□□□□
    eInk (Kindle paperwhite) is a good choice for conventional books not for PDFs with pictures and diagrams.
  • thegreatbelowthegreatbelow Member Posts: 34 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Good to know as I was considering purchasing one specifically for cert study.
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